Where to Buy Designer Face Masks That Give to Charity

No one would have guessed in a million years that on the heels of summer the most essential article of attire would be the face mask.  But here we are, replacing our summer vacations plans with where to find cleaning supplies, figuring out Zoom, what will be our next Netflix binge, and where to purchase stylish protective face coverings.

While some locales require a face covering outdoors at all times, others only oblige them when inside a place of business. Those that reacted fast purchased quantities of surgical masks meant for medical personnel, while the rest made do with the makeshift variety from a bandana or scarf.  As we become accustomed to the idea that we may be wearing these for a while, our inner fashionista voice is wondering where it can buy one that has some panache without looking ridiculous.  Many international design houses and retailers, including Louis Vuitton, Cristian Siriano, Prada, Zara, and H&M have transitioned to “essential” businesses by converting their manufacturing operations to the production of N95 masks for medical professionals.  In doing so, they are filling the vast shortages and keeping their staff employed.  While these masks are not available to the general public, a growing crop of talented and entrepreneurial designers are skillfully fulfilling the demand for consumers.

 From retro kitsch to rhinestones and pearls, we’ve curated a list of designers and websites to help build your mask wardrobe. Though I think we all agree that this is an accessory we hope recedes into obsolescence sooner rather than later.

Maison Modulare

Sophistication in a face cover.  Artisan atelier Maison Modulare has assembled a series of handcrafted masks in elegant textiles such as Japanese lace and Italian jacquard.  Proceeds are donated to fund PPE for frontline medical personnel.

Katie May

Calling all sex kittens! The Los Angeles bridal wear designer goes sultry with a series of Chantilly lace and sequined masks. While no one is getting dressed up to go anywhere now, these lacey creations have a more intimate appeal. For every mask purchased, Katie May will donate three masks to frontline workers.

Johnny Was

Designer extraordinaire for the rich boho set, Johnny Was is selling his Signature Print Masks in sets of five.  For each set sold, another set is donated to healthcare facilities and hospitals.

Classic Sofa

Scarlet O’Hara wore a dress made of drapery, and now urbane men and women of taste can have one of woven fabric meant for furniture. New York-based Classic Sofa has transitioned from manufacturing bespoke furnishings to bespoke masks in this time of crisis. Made from their superlative textiles, proceeds will help keep Classic Sofa employees on the payroll.


Featuring the phrase “This too shall pass” in both English and Arabic, streetwear designer Profound will donate a portion of all mask sale proceeds to charity.


Known for their exotic resort wear, Abacaxi masks are made from 100% woven cotton in palettes of rich colors inspired by travel, tradition, and lust for living.


The global designer known for men’s ties and accessories has introduced the Debonair Pocket Square Face Mask.  The patent pending mask keeps you safe and protected while not compromising your style and taste.  Handmade from recycled material.


Sustainable eco-conscious brand Peri has face masks using leftover fabric.  Colorful and in a variety of styles for women and men, a portion of all sales are donated to healthcare workers, homeless shelters, senior centers, and small businesses.


Show off your flower-child and unconventional side in a face mask from San Francisco-based Rickshaw.  If you can’t be at Coachella, you can at least wear it and help save humanity.


Mindful Masks from this yoga brand are made from upcycled fabrics that are comfortable and breathable. Proceeds will be donated to healthcare workers through a donation to the Center for Disaster Philanthropy.