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ALO is an indispensable lifestyle magazine celebrating Middle Eastern art, destinations, culture, people and its contribution to a global economy and communities worldwide.



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Letter from the Editorial Director

Journalism, publishing and finding your voice,  has long been a critical tool for changing lives and evolving the destiny of civilizations. Recently, I visited the Convent St. Antoine de Qozhaya in Quadisha Lebanon which houses one of the oldest printing presses in the world. This exact press was the genesis of revolution to evolution and freedoms from oppression in the political climates.

Today, publishing is even more crucial in the presence of social media. Since its inception, ALO’s mission has never changed: To promote Middle Eastern culture, its diversity and the positive image of so many who have lost their voice in the mainstream. 

Unrest and political tension have made it difficult at times to encourage tourism to the region . Travel and lifestyle is a major part of ALO, and thus we strive to be always the positive voice of this culture. We do it in the face of adversity and we persevere. We encourage forward thinking of these countries and its citizens in the diaspora. ALO stands tall to continue its mission of highlighting the cultural richness, the successes of its peoples, and their presence anywhere in the world. 

To do so, we have expanded our reach and embarked on a  worldwide journey to find the glamour, the unique aspects of each destination, exclusive experiences, and above all, the finest places to indulge and rejuvenate the mind and soul. ALO takes you on an intrepid search as we discover the world through the eyes of travel enthusiasts and those who embrace luxury living and hospitality. 

ALO will only publish what is proven to be special…in all aspects of life. Whether it is hot spots, shahs of industry, healthy living, gastronomy, on the catwalk, beauty bazaar, or ALO around the world, we will stay true to deliver what we strongly rank and experience firsthand. 

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