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ALO Magazine, published by Unique Image, Inc.

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ALO Hayati is a groundbreaking magazine promoting the diverse and vibrant Middle Eastern-American culture. ALO readers are highly sought by advertisers. They are ambitious (25-40), hip (only seen with the finest brands and lifestyles), affluent (42% with HHI over $100k/14% over $1 million), and heavy consumers ($500 billion in buying power). They are loyal members of ALO because the magazine -informs their lives with an exotic, daring, informative style that allows them to view their world in an entirely different way.

ALO showcases the true side of  the Middle East, its interconnectivity to the world and contribution to a global economy. ALO shatters the misconceptions about Middle Eastern cultures by offering an interactive forum aimed at uniting diverse audiences.

Good stories color the way we perceive and interpret the world around us. Based in deep ancestral roots, stories today continue to challenge, surprise and fascinate. Today, buying decisions are based on endorsements by friends, neighbors, and well told, engaging stories found in ALO that are shared by those communities. Advertising in ALO ensures that brand stories linger in reader’s minds and are funneled through readership networks, encouraging high repetition and  pass along.

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Published quarterly, rapidly growing ALO now reaches approximately 1.2 million in readership through subscriptions, sales at north America’s top bookstores, targeted segment drops and distribution to luxury hotels and top shelf cultural, community and philanthropic events.

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