Wear a piece of history with rare jewelry.

What makes something extraordinary? It’s size, color, or shape? Is it the object’s rarity or meticulous craft? Maybe the provisions used are so precious they can only be found miles below the surface of the earth amidst an ominous labyrinth of mines and caverns.
All of these elements can make something exceptional. What is more vital, however, is the relationship it has to the person who wears it. A tangible slice of history. A vestige of an era that can never have a rerun. A replica is always possible, but a duplicate never is, no matter how uncanny the rendition.

We’ve uncovered uncommon jewelry pieces that carry more relevance than their exquisite beauty alone. Some were owned by entertainment icons, others by the most revered of men. There is long lost delicacy of craftsmanship and there are fragments of our popular culture told through fashion and design.

Amethyst Love Pendant

One of the greatest pop icons ever, Prince was captivated by jewelry, particularly Versace. He had numerous bespoke pieces, many of which he wore on stage. Several pieces from his personal collection are now available.

Crafted of 14K white gold, it was worn by Prince on stage during his concert performances in the mid- to late 1990s. The impressive piece is set with an amethyst cabochon totaling 14.00 carats, while 19 pavé-set round diamonds adorn the lower portion of the design. The motif has become synonymous with the musician’s legacy – the triumph of love and harmony over conflict.


Vintage Napier Egyptian Revival Cleopatra Style Collar Beaded Necklace

There was barely a woman in the 1960’s who did not want to be Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra. The epitome of the charismatic seductress, this beaded collar necklace can mesmerize Roman legions in their tracks. A complex web of golden metal beads, it is signed by Napier on the clasp.


Jeweled Cupid Bracelet by Froment-Meurice

The most distinguished goldsmith and jeweler of the 19th century, Froment-Meurice’s works featured a stunning blend of Renaissance and Rococo motifs created and worn by the highest members of European society, including royalty. This particular piece is crafted of intricate wrought gold in the form of swags of enameled ivy, while silver cupids flank a pink topaz briolette. Additional pink topaz and pearls beautify even further.


Pope Pious IX Gold Pocket Watch by Aucoc

A few steps up from mere earthly monarchs, this 19th century Swiss pocket watch was owned by Pope Pious IX. Created by the legendary Parisian firm of Louis Aucoc, fastidiously assembled 18K gold forms the engine-turned case and body of this timepiece, which boasts complex engraving and guilloché elements, including palm leaves, ribbons, swirls, flowers and, most importantly, the papal crest.


Tiffany & Co Turquoise, Sapphire, Diamond and Ruby Bracelet

In the world of fine jewelry, Tiffany wears the regal crown. This vintage bracelet from the 1970’s is emblematic of why luminaries from presidents and prime ministers to royalty and rock stars have coveted their designs. Made of 18 karat gold with turquoise beads and flower motifs in rubies, sapphires and diamonds, we cannot say who has owned this, only that she must have been very special indeed.


Victorian Filigree 14 Karat Yellow Gold Dangle Earrings

The filigree technique originates from Syria and was brought to Europe by the Etruscans. This pair of 14 karat yellow gold pendants were worn as hat bells that were hooked into the front strip of a lady’s Sunday hat.


Victorian Turquoise and Gold Bangle Bracelet

Oriental flourishes were common in Victorian design. Elusively delicate amidst its magnificent swirls, this hinged 18K gold bracelet with turquoise and seed pearls and scrolling decorative motifs looks stunning worn alone or with an armful of solid bangles.


Yves Saint Laurent Rare Black and Purple Rive Gauche Necklace

A true rarity and ultra-chic, this is a runway piece from YSL’s iconic runway collection from the 70’s.


Art Deco Gold Compact

Every woman should look as glamorous applying lipstick as she does wearing it. From the estate of jewelry historian Camilla Dietz Bergeron, this 18K white gold compact is faceted with a thumb piece clasp set with six round single-cut diamonds.


Hermès Gold and Tortoiseshell Enameled Bracelet Watch

Simultaneously sleek and voluptuous, the mid-century modern aesthetic remains de rigueur amongst designers, artists, and collectors. Circa 1960, this bracelet of 18K yellow gold and tortoiseshell enamel interlocking curved links epitomizes the era’s sophisticated tenet.


Vintage Valentino Runway Neck Piece

In stark contrast to the avant-garde modernism of previous decades, the 80’s held nothing back with its display of lavishness. This choker worn on the runway for Valentino is handmade with a center of long, narrow red marquis rhinestones, rectangular rose-colored faceted stones and hand carved drops.


Monet Signed Gold Plated & Iridescent Resin Hinged Cuff Bracelet

Signed by Monet, this cuff is a wearable piece of studio art from the 1960’s. A front of stained-glass like resin- the metal is brush gold plated with the inset of the resin against a pane of geometric design.