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A pledge from ALO Magazine Publisher

To all angels around the world, we need your support.

You have all witnessed the horrifying explosion in Lebanon. A country where I lived my entire childhood in the middle of a civil war and compounded with conflicts with neighboring countries. I can tell you first hand that living in a war zone, chips away at every piece of your soul. You look up one day and you have been torn into shreds without realizing it.

I believe that humanity has no nationality. I believe that we are humans first. I believe boundaries are created by sick minds. How would you feel if you are victimized? How would you feel if your children’s lives were taken? How would you feel if your voice was silenced? How would you feel if your dignity was violated? No one understands this until you are in the middle of it. I wish this on no one.

Why is it that we have to be cheap when people are suffering?

The world is marching behind corrupted leaders that know no mercy. They have no idea of what real freedom and dignified living means. Why? Because they have not experienced any real suffering. Or maybe it is because their souls were borrowed by the devil for their insolent reactions to human anguish. Or perhaps they have so much hatred within them that ultimately blindsided the goodwill that we are all born with.

When are we going to wake up and make our world better? Feed the children so there is no hunger. Heal the wounds, both mental and physical. Focus on providing real solutions instead of spreading ill will and hatred.

What is happening in Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, Egypt, Iraq and many African countries is nothing but a shameful spotlight to all the world leaders and the movers and shakers. Alleviating hunger, making sure that children are living a quality of life, are able to access, education, medications and shelter, and are safe in a loving home protected from the evils of poverty, trafficking, and subjugation is the responsibility of all of us. It’s our responsibility despite our nationality.

The Lebanese people are hungry, sick, and traumatized. I know some might feel that Lebanon’s undoing was brought on because of their internal corruption. The reality remains that we, as citizens of this Earth, all the same. I am Lebanese and through my non-profit, the ALO Cultural Foundation, we believe in helping everyone in need. Excluding someone because of the color of their skin or where they were born is never an option. We see you as you are, a beautiful soul that simply needs an opportunity to survive. Our hope is that everyone can speak their voice without judgement or consequence.

Today, it is imperative that world leaders come together and recognize that some measure of reorganization must happen. Those with extreme wealth need to share somehow, some way. It’s maddening to see millionaires and billionaires giving nothing to charitable endeavors, or only doing it for a tax break. Extreme wealth is a gift and should be shared This needs to be done without prejudice. Zero tolerance. Zero hunger. Zero unemployment. Zero sickness. Zero boundaries. One world, one nation, one people.

Do you think we, as humans, are capable of such solutions where we look at each other with such transparency and with zero hate?

Are we capable of being altruistic humans, if only for a day?

If so, we can begin moving toward this goal and vision.

Join in this journey to be good humans again.

Waka Kanan
ALO Magazine