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Publisher Letter

We all know how strange life has become since the pandemic. We all were impacted in some way or another. It was unprecedented, but was it really a surprise?

We are creatures of habits. We overcame the COVID viruses for ages—18 in all before this one. We never really cut the routes of the critical reasons and the fundamental source of viruses. But instead, we mostly find ways to live with them and values with these challenges over time with intellectual discoveries and patching medications. Scientists must always reimagine life with them and remain in a healthcare race with the unknown. It is truly amazing how fast we can find inventive solutions if we have enough resources and drive. Are we doing enough and are we being fair to the world and to our sense of social responsibilities?

As we pick ourselves up and unleash the anchor that imprisoned our freedom, it is important to remember not to take anything for granted. Our way of life has been compromised. Politicians could argue, countries could disapprove, scientists will challenge the status quo, parties can disagree, corporations may race to space and leaders might speak loudly about inclusion, diversity, and equity but all this is easier said than done.

One thing we learned from this quarantine experience is how important perseverance and survival matters. This experience has forced us all to be creative in our own space and do what we love doing. Most likely, each of us found a way to make valuable adjustments while reassessing and improving. Some of us found insight on life itself. Time is the healer of anything. Our attitude is the cause of everything.

The next phase will determine the future of our behavior. Brands will be inspired by this change; the world will react to it creatively and the economy will adjust to the new norm. No matter what industry you are in, publishing and online content will be more valued than ever. So, as we embark on new experiences and meet new challenges, we will continue making a shift in culture and make a difference socially and economically to impact underserved communities globally. The pandemic has left many communities vulnerable, and we all must play a role to address the need and invigorate change. For us, we will continue our commitment to support philanthropic efforts through the ALO Cultural Foundation.

As a publisher and a poet, I want to extend a voice of reason with a commemorative poem to help heal some wounds and touch souls. This self-produced poem is inspired by all lives being impacted by the pandemic. For some, it might be a prayer and for others might be a healing energy. No matter what you want to call it or what your belief is, it is a search for humanity for me. A place to think above our own, a space calling for taking responsibilities of our world. A pledge for love and forgiveness. I hope you can be inspired to give and help continue the mission of the ALO Cultural Foundation as it impacts change and mostly in Lebanon during this crisis. It was one of the projects that helped me heal within and got me through tough time with my own loss of my father. Losing loved ones is the hardest but life is eternal. I am a strong believer of that.

The ALO Cultural Foundation launched the Zero Hunger Initiative and realized that there are communities in Lebanon living below poverty level. Disadvantaged communities that were left behind and ignored. If you believe that “Humanity has no Nationality”, as I do, I invite you to donate generously in support of the ALO Cultural Foundation. Remember, $5 dollars can feed a baby for a month. Let’s give some hope as we emerge and re-open.