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Rising from the desert sands of Dubai amongst the sacred whispers of Ramadan comes HASHT Collection, a union of mystical spiritualism and exquisite artistry.

Islamic jewelry is steeped in tradition with fine pieces from the Arabian Peninsula dates as far back as 3,000 years ago, when it was crafted with seashells, pearls, and stones. As trade and travel routes opened, gold, glass, and eventually precious gems were integrated from far reaching places like Spain and Malaysia.

Early Islamic jewelry was a fusion of classical, Byzantine, and Neo-Persian traditions with Nomadic tribes helping to form the aesthetic using jewelry as currency and ceremonial dress. Women wore their riches on their body as a secure method to transport it while traveling. When needed, jewelry would be melted down to pay their way. In more prosperous times, the jewelry would be amplified with more gold and silver, coins, and rare stones—an ancient savings account.

A person of stature in the 12th-century Middle East might be seen wearing a gold pendant depicting the form of a lion and it was around this time where the use of encrustation in crescent-shaped piece with semi-precious and precious stones started to gain popularity.

Based in the heart of Dubai’s New Gold Souk, Hanif Jewellers has long been considered the touchtone of sophistication and indulgence and continues the longstanding tradition of fine craftsmanship with their new compilation.

Hanif Jewellery img- ALO Magazine
Hanif Jewellery - ALO Magazine

Designed to embody the essence of faith and elegance, the HASHT Collection is crafted to signify our connection to the creator. “HASHT” draws its name from the Urdu word for “Eight”, taking its inspiration from the emerald cut and its eight sides and the eight doors of heaven. Each HASHT piece is meticulously handcrafted to echo the purity of faith and the beauty of divine creation.

“Our design team has worked tirelessly to create these limited edition masterpieces specifically for Ramadan, catering to the discerning tastes of our Middle Eastern audience,” says Zeeshan Hanif, Hanif Jewellers CEO. “We wanted to offer something truly special and meaningful for this auspicious time of the year.”

The bespoke HASHT collection are adorned with the name of Allah and crafted with the bezel-set stones that forever changed the role of finest precious metals and rare stones in Islamic fashion.

The collection, a tapestry of heritage, interlaces the present with the past with a breathtaking, statement-making expression of devotion and artistry. Let each piece be a beacon of light, lighting your Ramadan nights with style and sophistication.