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Seriously: The Best Places to Eat in Poland Right Now

Move over, Paris. Get a taste for one of the most surprising food destinations on Earth: Poland.

This European nation is located at a geographic intersection that connects the forested lands of northwestern Europe to the fertile plains of the Eurasian frontier and sea lanes of the Atlantic Ocean. It often flies under the radar, but its food scene is starting to cause a stir.

We spend a lot of time, here at ALO, trying to figure out the best things to eat. And, we also spend a lot of time arguing about the places we’d want to live all over the world. So, we decided to take those two constants and showcase the best places to eat in Poland—from Krakow to Warsaw.




Szara Gęś

Rynek Główny 17
31-008 Kraków

+48 12 430 63 11

In the middle of Old Town Krakow is an amazing restaurant and we only recommend it if you want to be spoiled.

We wouldn’t be exaggerating if we said that Szara Gęś easily ranks amongst the best cuisine choices in all of Europe. The restaurant has it all: excellent wines and spirits, exceptional service staff, inviting decor, innovative and well-plated dishes, and incredible desserts. Order up the Grey Goose Nest, which resembles an actual large goose egg in a nest. This gastric invention is an unexpected, over-the-top delight that must be sampled if you get anywhere near Poland. Seriously, it’s worth a special trip.



Poland 02

❖Restauracja Pod Baranem

ul. św. Gertrudy 21
31-049 Kraków

+48 12 429 40 22

The Michelin Guide 2017 says this about the Pod Baranem Restauracja:

"Traditional family-run restaurant set over five rooms, with rug-covered stone floors, homely furnishings and contemporary artwork by Edward Dwurnik. The large menu offers classic Polish cuisine; sharing dishes must be ordered in advance…"

... and did the meal ever live up to the guide’s recommendation.

The modest façade is seemingly like every Europe eatery on a quiet street. Yet, the minute you enter the restaurant, you’re greeted to a full house with enough energy to power a small town. Once you check your coat, you are certainly ready to try the vast menu.

The salmon (pictured) and duck main dishes are exquisitely prepared and the friendly staff is on point during the entire meal. Add some delicious mulled wine and bespoke vodka martini and you're in business.



❖Pod Nosem Restauracja

Kanonicza 22
31-002 Kraków, Poland

+48 12 376 00 14

After a long, long stretch of less than impressing experiences while testing new restaurants this spring, all we wanted to eat was a full menu at Pod Nosem Restauracja in Kraków. There no place else we’ve found where fine dining feels so cozy while being so surprising, inspiring, and taste-bud-pleasing. Their approach is definitely fitting the ongoing trend of focusing on local food sources without ever being overly intellectual about it…

…and if you’re in the mood for Polish game with a modern twist, this is the just the place to come. Take a look at the entrée selections offered:

  • Baltic Salmon with vegetables and broth
  • Baltic Salmon with vegetables and broth
  • Rabbit and polenta with beetroot
  • Guinea Fowl, steppe boletus, buckwheat and Brussels sprouts
  • Loin of Venison with chestnuts and kale

The flavor and texture profiles of their dishes are spot, yet unusual enough to leave a lasting impression. Add in the homemade dumplings and fois with figs and you just want to stop and go to heaven. Wait, you’re already there! Oh, and their rhubarb pavlova with pomegranate dessert is heavenly.






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