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Why I Want to Move to Berlin - Continue


❖6. Holocaust Memorial

Few people will visit Berlin without remembering Germany’s role in World War. The Holocaust Memorial reflects this dark time in the city’s past and pays homage to the victims of the Nazis. Located near the Brandenburg Gate, the memorial is massive with its 2,711 monoliths arranged in waves. With names of all known Jewish Holocaust victims listed in the underground palace of information.



❖7. Berlin Wall Memorial

The Berlin Wall physically divided the city from 1961 to 1989. Visiting the open-air exhibition about the wall and its famous Checkpoint Charlie crossing station will deepen your understanding of Berlin’s history. During the Cold War, the Wall was a symbol of oppression and fear that Communism represented to the West.



❖8. Unter den Linden

The Avenue of Linden Trees is easily one of the most beloved boulevards in Europe. Many locals meet up with family and friends along this pedestrian-friendly stretch, once the hub of Berlin’s cabaret culture. Tourists also flock here, but you’ll find that it’s always pleasant to stroll around even on a crowded day. With its nearby cafes, statues, and parks, the scenic avenue is the perfect place to meander about with a cup of coffee and take in the sights.



❖9. Kanaan, East Berlin

Kanaan Express

Kopenhagener Str. 17, 10437

Berlin, Germany.

I stumbled upon this modest, but delicious eatery in East Berlin. You might never notice this incredible kitchen shack with the Prenzlauer Berg railroad tracks running through its back patio. The vegan restaurant was started by a Palestinian and an Israeli and features a kitchen crew with craftsmen from all over the Arab and Middle Eastern. Really, don't miss this culinary treasure.




The latest venture of restaurateur Heinz “Cookies” Gindullis, Crackers’ beautifully designed interiors will take you into a complete different dimension. Adjacent to Cookies, this place is the perfect marriage of a restaurant and nightclub.



Regent Berlin
Charlottenstraße 49, 10117 Berlin, Germany

☎+49 30 20338

In an impeccable location on a peaceful street near the tree-lined Unter den Linden, this corner property on Gendarmenmarkt offers "very comfortable, spotless rooms" in soft colors, with Biedermeier furniture and optional classical music. The views of the square and a beautiful church were amazing. Guests can rent a Mercedes with a driver for about $150 per hour and there’s not a bad table in hallmark seafood restaurant Fischers Fritz.







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