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The Bodrum Peninsula

Bodrum Peninsula

Escaping the hustle and protests in Istanbul is a quick fifty-somethingminute flight to the Milas-Bodrum Airport. There’s arguably no better place to enjoy the sea (and I’m talking the stained-glass blue of the Aegean) than Bodrum, Turkey. With nearly three million visitors a year, you’d expect a shoulder-to-shoulder crunch of tourists fighting for every last piece of Turkish Delight.

That couldn’t be farther from reality, and it’s entirely inexplicable. Perhaps it’s because you barely want to lift your head off your beach club pillows after sampling grilled octopus and zucchini-flower dolma (meat-stuffed flowers) chased with a chilled raki (anise flavored brandy). Or maybe it’s because the would-be jetsetters are rubbing elbows with the raven-haired Eastern European heiresses on one of the passing sailboats or yachts. Probably many are exploring one of the Greek Orthodox churches not yet crumbled to the ground or one of the white-domed gümbets (cisterns) dotted amongst the surrounding rustic villages.

Whatever it is, you might not want to let all this pastoral luxury interrupt your shopping, where artisan jewelry shops with locally crafted evil-eye bracelets outnumber cheap Made in China souvenir shops at least three to one.

Ornamental Trail

The 4 Reasons Hotel & Bistro is a humble, yet modish 20-room villa set amidst olive groves. Doubles from $100 - you read that right, $100.

The spice trail

Ready to set up shop in paradise? It’s not as pricey as you think, and the price for a flat with a Peninsula view—with the Greek isle of Kos just a stone’s throw away—is surprisingly affordable: around $100,000. While that’s not chump change, compare that to the expense for a second place locally. Call the Century 21 Marina office if you’re so bold, +90 (0252) 316 13 28.

Ornamental Trail

The Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology.
Built in the 1400s by the Knights of St. John, the Castle of St. Peter literally towers over Bodrum and now harbors this impressive museum tucked inside its stone walls. The tour through ancient maritime wreckage and amazing ocean floor finds is a fascinating look into a world we seldom get a peek into.


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