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A Man With Four Wives!

As told to Sam Stone by Marcus Raouf

Close Calls

For six years, a glamorous Kuwaiti millionaire businessman, the dashing Majeed Ishiba, traveled the world for his own company. An export business based in London with branches in several countries. All that time he was amassing a small fortune and four families on three continents. Back home in Kuwait, his two wives, Zainab, number one, and Amal, number two, both of whom he married in the l990s, dutifully accepted the Islam precept that permits a man four wives.

The women, who he installed in comfortable homes three doors apart, managed a shaky truce, but only when Majeed was able to convince each one that she was the one he loved. At other times, deep-seated jealousies made the women compete for social status, household support, luxuries, gifts and their mutual husband’s sexual favors. Both were insistent on their fair share - and especially in the bedroom. Zainab, the wild one, would eves drop outside her rival’s bedroom at crucial moments, and the next night would leave her own bedroom window open to make sure that her husband’s moans and cries were duly registered by her rival.

Wives numbers three and four, Elaine in London and Marge in Dallas, whom he married a year apart in 2002 and 2003, were far enough removed from the Middle East to be spared the agony of suspicion. Each of them, supposedly, would naturally assume that she was her husband’s one and only.

But in this age of Blackberries, iPhones and Skype, you ask, how did one man manage this graceful quadrille of deception, having his way with four wives without being caught? Was there never a misaddressed email? A lipstick stain on a collar? A forgotten love note tucked into a pants pocket? The name of the wrong wife (oops!) called out in the night? A suspicious wife? Never a crossed wire?  

Some months ago the answer arrived in an email to us at ALO. It came from a reader, Marcus Raouf, who had been Majeeb’s boyhood friend and later his personal assistant and protector of his darkest secret. He told us that ALO was a natural fit for a story he needed to tell.
For too long, I have been keeping that secret, and I cannot bear it any longer. It is a bother to my soul, Marcus wrote, and he offered us an exclusive interview revealing a story that few could even imagine.

As Majeeb’s personal assistant and confidant, this impishly handsome 40 something had sat in on every meeting, gone with him on most of his business and personal travels and knew all four wives and their children. It got so that he could read his boss’s mind, knew all his tricks and secrets. He also kept a meticulously annotated calendar that ensured that Majeeb’s dangerous game of musical chairs would not be discovered. “It was my job to guarantee that not a soul, neither his multiple wives and families, the neighbors, his business associates—no one would know what he was up to.”


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