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Moshé Aelyon is a New York-based event producer and lifestyle expert who knows how to jump start a “Feel Good Party.”

“My creative process involves interviewing my clients and really getting to know their likes and dislikes. I find out their favorite eras, restaurants, designers, hobbies and vacation spots. All of these lifestyle factors help tailor and personalize a unique event.”

Elizabeth Keister, a director at Ambercrombie & Fitch, talks about her event planned by

Aelyon. “I really wanted to have a celebration of color, fun and happiness. It was important to me that we have Geberra daisies, because I think they look so cheerful. We wanted “feel good” food, so Aelyon suggested we serve mini hotdogs, mini burgers and little cups of fries for hors d’oeuvres. That’s one way he allows his clients to use their everyday favorites at an elegant event. Drinks reflected that sunshiney picnic feeling. We served spiked lemonade instead of having a conventional full bar. For dessert, it was frozen fudgesickles, cupcakes and cookies. Everyone smiled the whole time.”


“A young coffee-loving country couple who had a destination wedding in the Berkshire Mountains gave their guests something that reflected their style and hobbies,” says Aelyon. They filled rustic wooden crates with white ceramic coffee mugs, exotic coffee beans, an antique spoon, an embroidered hand towel and a personal welcome poem. For the ceremonial cutting of the wedding cake, they used the cake knife from the groom’s parents’ wedding 35 years ago.

“The couple loved Scrabble and other games, so on the day of the rehearsal dinner, they offered a variety of board games like Monopoly and Trivial Pursuit and outdoor games like frisbee,

croquet, and bocce. The bride and groom hung out in the living room, the porch and their beautiful lawn, and guests just dropped by for a while and played games while a light lunch was served. This was all part of an easy carefree country weekend and a perfect reflection of the couple’s life together.”


Letting your venue reflect your personality is another Aelyon tenet. “I did an event for a fashion director of a magazine. The venue was a big, bright, beautiful photo studio in New York City with a gorgeous view of the skyline. Not your typical party hall. Even all of the jaded New York friends and guests were glued to the windows. Try a museum, a gallery, an old bed and breakfast or even a rustic country barn. Music should also reflect passions, so don’t just hire a DJ. Find a lively swing band, a jazz band that can play French Quarter tunes or a solo bagpiper who will command attention.


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