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A Little Ditty About Nikki and Kerri

After a few decades in the business, Nikki Sixx is still scrambling our brains with his misnomers and his mania, still talking about life and music like it’s his last seconds behind the mic. We could say he’s one of the few constants in our music-listening lives. He’s been up to every challenge life has offered him. Our question, however, is, how does he manage to handle Kerri Kasem?

They joined forces in 2010 cohosting radio’s “Sixx Sense,” heard coast to coast from New York to San Francisco for five hours every weeknight. With their live celebrity interviews in their Los Angeles studios and their irreverent takes on music and lifestyle, their no-holds barred radio has taken root. Sixx has been known to take his now classic on-air battles with Kasem to the Twitter scene, tweeting about the day’s topic. However you slice it, these two have carved out an incredible hunk of listeners and fans nationwide.


She’s got the talent, the sparkling personality, the looks of a Hollywood siren, the endless quick wit and the kind of laugh we keep coming back for. The only question is who really is Kerri Kasem?

It's hard for a writer not to sound more like a bag of wind when he's attempting to elevate musicians and especially radio personalities to the status of artist. But if you're thinking of Kerri only in the context of music, or even in the context of her and Nikki’s “Sixx Sense” radio show, then you're missing the more fundamental and exciting thing about her: When she's on the mic or in front of the camera, she's as beautiful as any human expressing her-orhimself verbally in any way.

Turns out it's not so easy to bring this up in your typical celebrity/personality interview though. We have 10 more minutes? Hmmm, okay, let me just see.

Anchoring a top rated iTunes podcast, “The Kerri Kasem Podcast” with Ashley Marriott. Teaching America about motorcycles via the nationally syndicated “Racing Rocks” radio show for nearly a decade. Going toe-to-toe with the big boys hosting Ultimate Fighting Challenge specials. Yep!

Oh, yeah, there is this one other thing. I was thinking that when you say whatever you feel like, tweet to the universe that your co-host should be in a headlock courtesy of World Wrestling Entertainment wrestler Chris Jericho, and when you paralyze your listeners with your voice rather than your immense beauty—well, it seems to me that at those moments you've transcended radio.


What hasn’t he accomplished?

He’s a legend of rock. A fashion designer. A photographer and a bestselling author. And, oh yes, he’s (naturally) a record label president. Nikki Sixx wears many hats; just don’t mess up his perfectly messed-up ‘do. His accomplishments as the founder, bass player and songwriter of Motley Crue, by themselves, are enough to make him an icon. But Sixx's voracious quest to just be himself has taken him down the much-less traveled path well past “music superstar.”

Besides the 80 million albums Crue has sold worldwide, Sixx also topped The New York Times Best Seller list for more than six months with his autobiography, The Heroin Diaries. The book's soundtrack from his supergroup Sixx: A.M. spawned the song "Life is Beautiful," the most played rock track of 2008. Nikki is the president of the record label Eleven Seven Music. He's a photographer, a philanthropist and the co-founder of the rock couture fashion line Royal Underground.

On radio’s “Sixx Sense,” he talks a mile a minute, but during our interview, he’s a quiet burn, reflective and sharp in tone.

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