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ALO: Kerri Kasem, you invaded the entertainment scene through radio? Are you more at home in radio? Or is a return to TV in your future?
: Television hosting has always come in and out of my life, and I’m definitely not finished, but I love radio, and I do feel at home behind the mic. Don’t laugh, but I’d love to be on “Dancing with the Stars” and end up hosting it like Brooke Burke.

Right now, I have three radio shows, and I am also on the “Sixx Sense,” radio show that I do with Nikki. We are on over one hundred FM stations, XM Radio, iHeartRadio and the Internet. And now we get to listen to our show five days a week right here at home in Los Angeles on 98.7! Plus, we have “The Sideshow Countdown” that runs on the weekends as well.

ALO: You have a unique partnership with Nikki Sixx. How did you know this would be a fit?
: Actually, getting this job was not up to me, I had to audition like everyone else. However, Nikki and I had instant chemistry when we did our demo tape, and it was just a perfect fit.

ALO:Who is the real Kerri? We hear some comments from colleagues and friends that you are quite special. What differentiates you from the rest?
: Wow, thank you for that compliment. Now how much do I owe you? I’m genuinely interested in people, and I think that shows. I have a strong work ethic, and I believe that kindness is one of the most important traits in a human being.

ALO: Many would never think you are of Middle Eastern heritage? What impact has this made in your life?
: Actually, many people do ask me if I’m Middle Eastern or Persian. My dad Casey Kasem is very proud of his heritage. The Lebanese side of my family is made up of very warm, hospitable, fun people that are always trying to feed you. I think that I absolutely inherited those traits.

ALO: You visited many countries in the Middle East. What will you embrace, and what would you change?
: I would give the Middle East the gift of tolerance and acceptance. And I embrace the rich culture and beauty. There is so much beauty in the Middle East that so many people will never see because of fear and propaganda. Some of the most beautiful historic sites that I’ve seen were in Syria, where I felt like I was experiencing a part of history.

ALO: You have shown us that you are all about the rights of the living―women, children, animals, the underprivileged. What made this such a passion for you?
: Most people don’t know about the Declaration of Human Rights, signed by 53 countries and stating: All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.” It’s very important that people know their human rights. It empowers them. And I am passionate about empowering others.

ALO: You have the voice, the gateway and the audience to deliver a message. What is that message today?
: There are many messages I deliver depending on what show I'm doing. With my real estate investment show and my mortgage show, those topics are exactly what I talk about, and with “Sixx Sense” we talk about our lives, pop culture, music etc. The podcast is where I get to really send my message about health and wellness and questioning what we deem to be "authority." I love diving into conspiracy theories as well!

ALO: We have had the privilege of hearing you sing, and you are impressive. A career there?
: I’ve been singing since I was a little kid, and one of my dreams is to be on Broadway. Who knows, maybe you’ll see me there one day.

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