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Publisher - Wafa Kanan

Wafa kanan is the dynamic founder and publisher of ALO hayati magazine. five years ago, as an entrepreneur woman-business owner, kanan realized the startling growth of the affluent but untapped market of successful Middle Eastern communities throughout the united states. And, she asked herself, “why not a breakthrough new media and an upscale lifestyle magazine focused on this emerging market for a diverse culture and ethnic community?”

The result is a fascinating and luxurious magazine, whose steadfast readership offers a new and profitable target for advertisers. no other publication nurtures this audience of educated and increasingly influential and affluent readers. They rely on ALO for new ways of thinking, trends and entertainment tailored to their own interests and needs.

She honed her lifestyle skills in the paris of the Middle East: Lebanon. In 1990, wafa immigrated to the united states and subsequently opened Unique Image, Inc., a full-service integrated brand marketing agency. Her lifelong passion for philanthropy merged with an ideal for promoting the high-end lifestyle that is so prevalent in the Middle Eastern culture. ALO magazine emerged from the core of her American dream.

Kanan’s commitment to bridge, connect and build cross-cultural awareness here and abroad has earned her top status as cultural Liaison between california and the Middle East. she has spearheaded many press, trade, cultural and philanthropic delegations to improve the positive image and the quality of life for the citizens of her community. with commitment and focus, she has received countless commendations and awards from ambassadors, statesmen and royalty alike.

A passionate woman dedicated to cultural responsibility, kanan works to positively portray Middle Eastern-Americans and connect all cultures. she consistently strives to represent and serve high-end, diverse communities within the united states. This results in a market wide open to both ethnic and mainstream advertisers.

Wafa Kanan - Publisher


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